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Android getting SDK for wearables

by on10 March 2014

Just weeks away

Android is about to get an SDK for wearables. According to Google Senior Vice President Dundar Pichai, the SDK will enable developers to make apps for wearables.

At first the effort will probably be limited to smart watches and wristbands, i.e. fitness trackers. Pichai said the SDK should launch in just two weeks time. He added that the goal is to take Android beyond smartphones and tablets, reports CNET

Google can be described as a pioneer in the field of wearables thanks to the Google Glass push. However, Google Glass was (and still is) more of a tech demo than an actual product. Google has yet to introduce truly affordable wearables with mass market appeal. In fact, nobody has.

Google is expected to roll out a smart watch later this year and there is talk of a cheaper Google Glass design, but we are still talking about vapourware at this point.

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