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Smartphones not dying

by on07 March 2014

Analyst agrees with Qualcomm

While the world and its dog are saying that the smartphone is dead, Qualcomm is insisting that it is “just resting” and “prefers kipping on its back.”

Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf said that the mobile chip maker is developing tech that will drive continual demand for the smartphone market. But he is not alone in thinking this. Industry analyst Jeff Kagan thinks that the best days for the smartphone marketplace are still ahead of it.

“Innovation, growth and helping other industries enter the smartphone world are going to be key. Wireless is expanding into other industries and other areas and that will keep growth strong,” he said.

Kagan said that there are still “incredible growth opportunities” for key companies all over the wireless space. More companies will join this space from other industries like the healthcare, automotive, retail, home technology and other industries.

“Today we don’t leave the house without our keys, wallet and smartphone. Tomorrow we’ll just have to remember our smartphone. It will do everything. It will be the remote control in our lives. It will start our cars and open our locks. It will have our credit cards, drivers licence and photos,” Kagan said.

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