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Peggle 2 updated with Duel mode

by on05 March 2014

Xbox 360 to get Peggle 2 on May 7th

The promised Peggle 2 update is finally here. Developer Popcap has delivered a 1.5GB update that adds Duel modes for both local and online play. In addition, players will get four new game modes, which are Smart Match, Private Dual, Local Duel, and Private Peg Party. The release of the update delivers on news from Popcap back in December last year.

While Peggle 2 has been an Xbox One-only exclusive, Popcap confirmed today that is going to change on May 7th when Peggle 2 comes to the Xbox 360. The 360 version will include all of the new modes added today, plus the things that Peggle 2 already delivered in the Xbox One release. Though not officially confirmed by Popcap yet, it is believed that Peggle 2 will continue to be an Xbox exclusive for the time being. It is believed that it is a timed exclusive, and eventually we will see Peggle 2 on other platforms in the near future.

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