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Two-year Xbox Live subscriptions coming

by on03 March 2014

Savings over buying one year at a time

Microsoft has started offering 2 year Xbox Live Subscriptions with some savings. The 2 year subscription offering will apparently be coming on a Titanfall branded 24 month card and will be offered by at least some retailers.

From what we understand the 2 year or 24 month option will cost $99.99 USD which is a savings of $20 savings over the $59.99 12 month price. While we have seen situations where you can get it for less than $60 a year, those deals are becoming a little bit harder to come by.

For sure the 24 month cards do open the possibility that they too will go on sale and offer a much better deal than $20 less than the normal price, but right now it is cheaper than retail. It will be interesting to see if the 24 month option catches on over the standard 12 month offering.

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