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Amazon box to drop in March

by on27 February 2014

Android powered offering to do it all

As we told you previously Amazon has been working on an Android powered gaming console. We now have learned that its offering will be more of an all-in-one set-top box/console that can be used to play games as well as run applications to provide other kinds of entertainment such as streaming. It is being already compared to combining an Ouya and Roku on steroids.

The big get here is that Amazon will be able to have an outlet device to sell its digital distribution of video games developed by Amazon as well as other third party developers. Of course they will be able to flog their video streaming offerings for rent or purchase.

Amazon is pretty serious about this and that is evidenced by the purchase of game developer Double Helix Games. Double Helix most recently release the new Strider game as well as the Killer Instincts reboot on the Xbox One.

The box itself is expected this March and for sure it will be coming in at a competitive price point much as the Kindle did when it was first released. We are hear less than $200 with a controller, but pricing and content will dictate the possibility for success. Amazon is apparently all in looking to develop new and exclusive content for the device that it can control and of course sell. We will have to wait and see if Amazon is late to the party or not.

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