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Tizen goes wearable

by on25 February 2014

Smart watches and more?

Although the presence of Tizen devices so far has been limited to the debut of a smart watch at Samsung's press event last night in Barcelona, one should not yet count it out of the running as an upcoming player in the mobile OS arena.  The decision by Samsung to launch the young OS into wearables will allow development to continue and allow for consumer feedback to polish further upcoming products. 

In the Tizen Association software development booth, Korean electronics giant Samsung had a few demos of the OS running on devices it has been working on.  Development phones as well as two camera models were being shown running the OS backed by Samsung and Intel. Software partners including eBay were present to show headway that had been made for upcoming software releases into the App Store.  There is a large push this year at Mobile World Congress by the smaller and younger operating systems to port existing software to their platform rather than develop something new and unique.

Even with the delays by Samsung of shipping a polished phone, the extra time spent on developing an App Store, as well as a sustainable ecosystem may pay off for the Tizen Association in the long run.

Last modified on 26 February 2014
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