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Xbox One gets Media Remote

by on21 February 2014

For those who don’t like the controller

The rumored Media Remote for the Xbox One was officially announced. The $24.99 glow-in-the-dark remote is for those who want a more “remote-like” experience when controlling the media on their Xbox One.

This isn’t the first time that we have seen Microsoft offer a Media Remote. Microsoft actually offered two different varieties for the Xbox 360, and Logitech at one point even offered a backlit remote for the Xbox 360 as well. Media Remotes just work better when controlling media.

The new Xbox One Media Remote is squarely targeted at controlling the Blu-ray and streaming media playback with a small button set that focuses on the basics and leaves off a lot of the buttons that most don’t really use. Besides its backlit buttons, the new media remote can work in conjunction with your Kinect to act as an IR Blaster to send signals to your TV and receiver to control volume and power.

At a price of $24.99 many may wonder if it is worth the cost, but if you want a more familiar way to control your media this could be the ticket. Still, others may gripe that the small size and lack of number keys is enough to find a universal remote compatible with the Xbox One and take a pass on the Microsoft offering. The Media Remote should arrive on dealer shelves in early March worldwide.

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