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Apple TV focused on third party channels

by on20 February 2014

Continues to ramp up developer support

Apple has been ramping up the hiring in the Apple TV team to make sure that content providers are getting all of the support they need to develop the best possible experiences on the Apple TV platform.

This is just a part of Apple’s continued strategy to continue to grow the amount of third-party content and providers that the company has on its Apple TV platform. It is believed that this is part of Apple’s strategy to get its ducks in a row prior to the release of a new Apple TV box.

It is believed that the new Apple TV box will be much more capable and offer additional possibilities, but best of all it will have its own App Store or so many believe. This would be the direction that the company would want to head if they were going to offer support and sales of casual games as well as other applications which are projected to be a part of Apple’s next Apple TV effort.

Of course when you are going to charge more than everyone else for your streaming media player it needs to do more and offer more and a much better experience than your competitors. When you look at it that way it is clear that Apple is putting the right pieces in place.

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