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Dolby developing new tech for mobiles

by on19 February 2014

Don’t expect boombox tablets for generation X

Everyone who was privileged enough to grow up in the eighties, long before MTV turned into a reality show peddler, knows a thing or two about boomboxes and music. Good music that is.

Another familiar name from the eighties is Dolby. The audio freaks from Dolby are now developing new technologies for use in mobile devices. Over the past two decades Dolby has largely focused on the home theatre market (along with actual movie theatre audio tech).

Dolby Atmos technology is currently used in movie theatres to deliver object-based mixing and add more depth to audio. In some respects AMD’s TrueAudio technology is similar, although there are quite a few differences.

Dolby is now working to deploy a similar technology in the mobile space. The new technology will be used on Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 805, but there isn’t much info to go on. We still don’t even know the name of the new tech, let alone anything else.

In any case, it will probably be focused on games rather than movies, but it might also help out in the music department, although we still the best way of improving audio on mobile devices is relatively simple – just get a pair of good after-market headphones.

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