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Xbox One Firmware update finally rolling out

by on18 February 2014

February update is late, but a welcomed release

So the first of two updates prior to the release of Titanfall is finally being pushed out. The first of this two part update series has been simply called the “Xbox One February Update” and while it is over a week late, it is finally being pushed to Xbox One consoles.

The update adds a number of new features, but the ability to manage and have a clearing understanding of your storage situation, as well as the new battery life indicator are among the biggest attractions in this update.

Here is a list of the other changes included in this update:

• Ability to delete game and application save data

• Improved installation and DLC management

• Improved UI for accessing friends, achievements, messages, and party chat

• Game DVR app to be included in the Xbox OneGuide as an app channel

• Update to the boot progress indicators for system update

• Improve consistency of UX for update & install progress

• Separate game, application, and install queue lists

• Addition of USB keyboard support

• Improved NAT detection

• Network Troubleshooter improvements

• Blu-ray quality improvements

• Significant performance and stability improvements

One additional thing about this update is that it removes what is being called an “overly aggressive sharpening filter” that made images appear much softer and natural. The sharpening filter has taken a lot of flack for making images appear what can only be described as “overly sharp”. The early verdict is that it does seem to improve the overall image quality. Hard to tell if actually improves performance or not.

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