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AMD Radeon memory available in Europe

by on14 February 2014

After US launch

We got confirmation from AMD that Radeon memory is available in Europe. AMD chose a rather competitive market to enter with its latest product line. It appears that after some success in the US market, the company is ready to conquer Europe with Radeon branded memory modules.


Being able to offer AMD memory means that AMD can sell a motherboard chipset, APU, GPU and now the memory, making it a great OEM bundle that might shave off a few dollars from the total system cost and make these products more attractive. We saw a similar market strategy with motherboard, APU and GPU combo that AMD did a few years back with Newegg in the US and the same strategy backed up with a memory bundle might show its face in Europe as well.

AMD will sell its memory through Dataram, but the memory will be tested and officially endorsed by AMD. AMD will offer Radeon R9 gamer memory with frequencies of up to 2400 MHz and this memory features AMP technology (AMD memory profiles) that is implemented in motherboard bios and automatically runs the memory at its highest and most stable timings and speed.

The first time we played with AMP on Kaveri it wasn’t as polished as we would want it to be, as we had to fine-tune it in order to make it stable. Hopefully things have changed for the better since then. Radeon memory should start showing up in etail and retail across Europe as we speak.

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