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SOA game is coming in the near future

by on13 February 2014

Will be a 1st person action adventure game

Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter revealed on his Twitter feed that finally a SOA video game is going to happen in the near future. While Sutter was careful not to say too much, what he did say is that the game is a first person action adventure title that represents the evolution of gaming.

Sutter said back in November that he wanted Rockstar to take up the SOA banner and make a video game based on the popular FX series. Sources tell us that they are not sure who the lucky studio is that has been tapped to translate this rich series into a video game. Rumors suggest that an announcement is coming at E3 in June, but it is unlikely that it will be released this year; so this is likely a 2015 title.

It is unknown if Take-Two Interactive or Rockstar are involved with the new project or if another publisher has stepped into the breach to make this game. We have to agree with Sutter, however, that after seeing what is possible with GTA 5 it seems to lend itself well to the type of content possibilities that a SOA video game could deliver.

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