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Russians confused by 3D printing

by on12 February 2014

Putin on the ritz in campaigning

Russian electoral officials who are working full time to get Tsar Putin and his chums re-elected have been baffled by a move to 3D printing.

Russian electoral law prohibits plying the electorate with bags, mugs, pens and similar souvenirs during campaigns. However, it does allow you to print your lies, er promises. It has always been assumed that the only way to do this was on paper. However, one candidate for election in the Moscow Region district of Sergiyev Posad discovered that there was a loophole in the law.

Sergei Pakhomov used a 3D printer to print out mugs promoting his bid for the head of the district administration, billing them “leaflets” since they were, after all, printed. The local electoral authorities have so far failed to prohibit the tech-savvy candidate from distributing the mug-shaped leaflets. Well they were printed after all. The fact that they were mug shaped and you could pour coffee into them, does not stop them being err leaflets.

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