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Samsung launches affordable SD camcorder

by on10 July 2008


Native YouTube support

It's actually quite amazing that it has taken this long for a company to bring out what is not only an affordable camcorder, but one that packs a decent feature set. The SC-MX20 from Samsung records video to SD and SDHC cards of up to 32GB in size and it features a special YouTube recording mode.

But this is only part of what got us excited about the SC-MX20, as it's the first time we've seen a camcorder of this type with not only a 34x optical zoom, but also a swivel 2.7in display. Other features include native resolution of 720x480, Schneider opticts, imgage stabilzation, 3h battery life and H.264 video compression.

It will be available in four colour options, black, red, white, and blue, all with silver trim. At US$279.99 (€178), it's still much more expensive than some of the really basic handheld point and shoot cameras that are available these days, but we'd expect the overall result to be much better as well.

The SC-MX20 should be available some time in August.

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