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Sony rereleases fixed v2.40 update

by on09 July 2008




PS3 owners who were cursing their luck for finding themselves among the ones for whom the v2.40 patch didn’t work, can now rest. Sony has been apparently busy trying to address this issue and they have – in the form of v.2.41 patch.

Sony says how the problem was caused by "certain administrative data being contained in the HDD."

So, all the users will now be able to enjoy the new Trophy system and in-game Cross-Media bar. Still, as we’ve written before, trophies will not be retroactive, meaning they won’t run on past games that don’t get a patch. Some current games will be patched, but not all, whereas others will be launched with that feature.

Sony publicly apologized and said how they’re looking forward to seeing the Trophy system in action.

You can download the patch here.

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Last modified on 09 July 2008
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