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Microsoft does a Wounded Knee on Apache

by on05 February 2014

Bury my heart

Software giant Microsoft is killing off Apache at an alarming rate. According to figures from Netcraft Microsoft gained 48 million sites this month, increasing its total by 19 per cent.

Nginx also made a large gain of 14 million sites, whereas Apache fell by 7 million. Unsurprisingly, these changes have had a dramatic effect on the overall market share of each web server vendor, with Microsoft's share growing by 3.38 percentage points to 32.8 per cent or 302 million sites. Apache's has fallen by 3.41 to 38.2 per cent or 352 million sites.

Microsoft's market share is now only 5.4 percentage points lower than Apache's, which is the closest it has ever been. If recent trends continue, Microsoft could overtake Apache within the next few months, ending Apache's 17-year reign as the most common web server. Overall, nginx powers 17.5 per cent of the top million sites.

Much of Microsoft’s growth is due to new sites hosted by Nobis Technology it seems that Vole is starting to become more aggressive in flogging its products after losing ground to the Open Sauce Apache in the first place. To be fair Apache still has a huge install base and it could easily become popular again.

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