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New bizarre internet craze is with us

by on30 January 2014

Tech sites just do not make enough cash

It looks like if you want to become an internet millionaire the secret is to latch on to one of the more crazier fads out there. Forget about writing about Nvidia, AMD or how Apple is a cargo cult with the occult mission to lower the standards of the world, the real money is in food.

According to Reuters, a trend called “gastronomic voyeurism” is taking South Korea by storm. Park Seo-yeon, a 34-year-old who recently left her job at a consulting firm to pursue her online “business” full-time because she was making over $9,000 a month just to eat in front of a webcam.

Park Seo-yeon goes by the name of “The Diva” and will sit and eat food while chatting with her fans for up to three-hours. Viewers then send her virtual balloons, which translates to cash. Park claims that she is not doing this just for the money. She believes that she is helping give back to society as well. Some of her fans tell her that they recovered from anorexia thanks to her, although psychologically we are not sure how watching someone else eat would cure you.

Here she is making shedloads of cash for sitting and eating, and earning many more times what I do writing about it. (Join the union! Ed)


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