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Indians strike over MS's anti piracy raids

by on21 May 2007


Hands off pirates

Software sellers in India took part in a one day strike to protest against Microsoft's anti-piracy activities.

The strikes spread out from Gujarat and included about 350 dealers.  They were organised by the Surat-based South Gujarat Information Technologists Association (SITA).

It all started when six dealers in Gujarat received notices from Vole for selling pirated copies of Windows. Microsoft wanted $4,955 and a fine of $39,638 if the vendor continued to sell pirated copies of the OS.

However Microsoft gleaned its information by sending a fake customer into the stores asking for a copy of Windows be installed on their PC.

SITA president Bharat Randheri said that the dealers were not supporting piracy but were opposed to the way that Microsoft as fighting it.They complained that they were promoting Vole's product which were far too expensive for the Indian market anyway.

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