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Exploiting internal metadata can mean big bucks

by on29 January 2014

Companies need to analyse more

A new report from Gigaom Research suggests that exploiting metadata around organisation’s most valuable and sensitive information assets can provide businesses better understanding.

The report, titled “Applying Big Data Analytics to Human-Generated Data,” says that companies should be looking at the unstructured human-generated data, including emails, spreadsheets, presentations and other valuable documents. This will enable organisations to improve collaboration among employees, while better enabling security professionals to identify and mitigate both casual and deliberate breaches of policy.

The lead author, Paul Miller, Gigaom Research Analyst and Founder, The Cloud of Data said that most organisations fail to manage the creation, use and dissemination of these key assets.

“As a result, they either introduce friction into collaboration through excessively strict access controls or risk serious data loss by sharing data too permissively.”

David Gibson, Varonis VP, said that there’s an enormous opportunity for businesses to enable better collaboration within their organisation and to better secure their most valuable assets by introducing human-generated big data analysis into their organisations’ practices. In addition to the value derived from exploiting the metadata to provide better insight into the data, by investing in these solutions, companies can also actually maximise IT productivity.

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