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The experience is the key, not the FPS

by on28 January 2014

Microsoft thinks the difference is minor

The difference between Tomb Raider Definitive Edition running at 60fps or 30fps isn’t the issue, according to Microsoft. The game experience is the issue, and the difference between the two versions is minor, if that. The entire thing has gotten “way overblown,” according to Senior Director of Product Management, Albert Pennello.

Pennello stands behind the comments that he made last year, where he said that the difference between the two consoles was not that great. In addition, he still believes that Ryse is the best looking game on any platform right now…end of story.

The focus on frame-rate and resolution is a byproduct of a number of things, and we believe that performance will improve on the Xbox One. If the experience of the two versions is the same and the difference in graphics is small, then there really is no problem. Better optimization will lead to better performance in the future; but in the meantime, Xbox One owners should not think they have made a mistake by buying an Xbox One.

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