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Being an Apple fan is getting pricier

by on27 January 2014

The cost of the cult

This week is the 30th anniversary of the creation of the Apple Mac and there are all sorts of events planned to celebrate.

There is Formation Goat Nadgering in Paddington, Paso Doble Jockey Wagging, on the Berkshire Downs, Floodlit Horse Massage, in the Vatican car park and the Over-Eighties Nudist Leapfrog Team will be giving a demonstration. However one thing which appears to have gone un-noticed is that the cost of being an Apple fanboy has increased dramatically over the years.

The First Mac was expensive. In 1984 you could pick one up $2,500, with $400 for a floppy drive and $600 for a memory upgrade. The next thing to buy did not come for another two years and was a Mac XL for $3,500. The cost of being a fanboy in the early days was about $3,000 a year. Fortunately Apple did not have that many products so it was not going to harm the bank too much.

However now the cost of being a serious Apple fan boy are about $6,000 a year for the past decade. This is because Apple makes more gear, there are iPods, smartphones and tablets, not to mention stuff from the iTunes store.

Before anyone complains and says no one spends that much dosh just because it has an Apple logo on it, Rueters found many cases. Some even admit that they do not even know why the wasted so much cash on them.

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