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GTA V for PC seems to be coming

by on27 January 2014

Still not officially confirmed by Rockstar

While it is still not officially confirmed by Rockstar, we have continued to hear from a number of sources that a PC version of Grand Theft Auto V is a done deal and that we will see it in six to eight months after the console release.

Now the latest whispers we are hearing suggests that we should be hearing an announcement any day for a release in late March for the PC version. A March 25th date for North America and March 28th date for Europe have been floated about for the PC version.

With the potential release of PC version of GTA V on the horizon you have to wonder if that means that we will see an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 release of GTA V, as well, that will take advantage of the graphics improvements that are in the PC version. Of course, Rockstar has said nothing; but just maybe we will hear something more after the PC version is confirmed. We will have to wait and see, but if retailers continue to think a PC version is coming, we suspect that they already know.

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