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Apple faces another class action

by on21 May 2007


Lied about colour support

Apple have been sued by a  pair of MacBook and MacBook Pro owners who claim the company lies about the quality and capabilities of the displays used in the notebooks.Fred Greaves and Dave Gatley are seeking multiple forms of relief and reimbursement. 

They also want to stop Apple from continuing to market its existing notebook displays alongside claims that they support "millions of colors" and offer views "simply unavailable on other portables."

They said that the MacBook and MacBook Pro notebook displays are only capable of displaying the "illusion of millions of colours through dithering software.
It explains why after the MacBooks were released that there were complaints that the screens were "grainy" or "sparkly".

Apple responded to the complaints by saying their users were picky and dreaming about a difference.  It also took down threads from its web site where people complained.

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