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ZTE plans to ship 60mn phones this year

by on16 January 2014

Up 20mn over last year

According to ZTE Senior Vice President Zhang Renjun, the company will ship upwards of 60 million smartphones this year.

Renjun told reporters that ZTE managed to ship 40 million phones last year. This year the company hopes to gain share in China, but also go global. ZTE is doing fine in the Chinese market and it is slowly gaining a foothold in Europe and other markets.

It is not the only Chinese smartphone maker that is going from strength to strength. A few weeks ago Xiaomi said it aims to double shipments in 2014 from 20 million to 40 million units. Lenovo is making a killing in China and it’s doing well in a handful of smaller Asian markets, but it does not sell phones in Europe or North America.

Huawei is also doing fine and this year it plans to release three SoC designs destined for its ever expanding smartphone line-up.

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