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Titanfall to get Limited Edition controller

by on16 January 2014

Inspired by the C-101 carbine only for Xbox One

Yes, Xbox One owners it was only a matter of time before Microsoft announced the first in what we are sure will be a long line of Limited Edition wireless controllers over the life of the console. Limited Edition controllers that were inspired by the games that are coming out proved so popular on the Xbox 360 that it was only a matter of time before the first one was released for the Xbox One.

The honor of the first of the Limited Edition wireless controllers will tie in with the upcoming release of Titanfall which is really no surprise. The Respawn designed game is proving to be the most wanted of the upcoming releases, so it is a natural for a Limited Edition controller.

Working with Microsoft, the artists at Respawn have designed a controller that is inspired by the C-101 carbine which is used b the elite titan pilots of the Frontier. The design was a collaborative effort by both companies to create something that fells like military spec hardware that fell right out of the Titanfall game.

The controller will arrive in March just ahead of the release of Titanfall and will be around for a limited time. No word on how many of these controllers Microsoft might be making, so it is hard to say just how limited it might be.

While there is no word yet on what Microsoft might have planned for other Limited Edition offerings in the future, but we have to say that a limited edition Xbox One that matches the controller might be our vote for an offering that Microsoft might want to consider.

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