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Syrian Electronic Army takes out Microsoft again

by on13 January 2014

Irony in short supply

Hackers loyal to Syrian strong man Bashar al-Assad have claimed responsibly for a hack of Microsoft’s twitter account.

On Saturday a message appeared on Redmond’s site saying "Don't use Microsoft e-mails(hotmail,outlook),They are monitoring your accounts and selling the data to the governments. #SEA @Official_SEA16," said the Microsoft News Twitter account on Saturday.

Media companies have repeatedly been targeted by the Syrian Electronic Army and other hacker activist groups that deface websites and take over Twitter accounts. Earlier, Syrian Electronic Army said it had hacked into Skype's social media accounts. The Internet calling service acknowledged it had been hit with a "cyber attack" but said no user information was compromised.

Messages were also posted on Skype's official Facebook pages and on a blog on its website before being taken down later in the afternoon. Skype is owned by Microsoft. Of course the irony that complaining about a company co-operating with a government as it carries out ruthless infringements of human rights infringements when you are big fan of the Apple fanboy Bashar al-Assad seems to have been lost on the SEA.

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