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You need 5Mbps connection for PS Now

by on10 January 2014

Without it the quality isn’t going to be as good

Sony has revealed the one part of its streaming service that we already knew. It is a bandwidth dependent service and the more of it you have, the best the quality will be.

So with the quality of your broadband connection such an important factor in the quality of experience you will get with PlayStation Now, when it launches this Summer they are recommending a minimum connection of at least 5mbps to get an acceptable or what SCEA is calling a “good experience”, but with more bandwidth comes better performance and high quality.

The bottom line is that for the best visual fidelity, you are going to need a fast connection. No really surprise that this is the fact. While Microsoft is also rumored to have a streaming game product in the works, the console maker had yet to announce anything to compete with Sony’ PS Now streaming service.

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