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PS4 ahead of X1 with 4.2 million sold

by on08 January 2014

Off to a good start ahead of Microsoft

Sony confirmed that they have sold 4.2 million PlayStation 4 consoles. The 4.2 million includes consoles sold through the 28th of December. This of course puts Sony ahead of Microsoft in next-generation console sales with the Xbox One having only sold 3 million units. While there is a still a long road ahead in next-generation console sales, despite several factors against it, round one seems to have gone to Sony.

Sony seems pleased with their success so far with the PlayStation 4 which is in stark contrast to the mess that was the launch of the PlayStation 3 last time around. Sony says that most P4 owners purchased 2 games with the console and that 9.7 million PS4 titles have been sold. Also, in a surprising announcement, Sony says that PS Plus subscriptions have increased 90 per cent since the launch of the PS4.

Sony says that they have plenty ahead for the PS4 and they look to continue the momentum that the have created with the sales of the new console.

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