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Apple to build Microsoft Surface Pro

by on06 January 2014

We can make it work

Apple is about to come up with a 12 to 13 inch iPad which it thinks will kill off the notebook. Evercore Partners analyst Patrick Wang, who thinks that Apple’s upcoming 12- to 13-inch iPad has the potential to “transform the traditional notebook market as we know it.”

He thinks that the tablet will arrive in autumn 2014 and will be targeted at the enterprise. But the thing will be powered by an A8 chip so as far as notebooks are concerned it will be slower than asthmatic ant with a heavy load of shopping. It will not have a keyboard of course so it will be useless for any business applications. However, it will be hugely expensive and have an Apple logo on it so the Tame Apple press will be touting it as a cure for cancer.

Quite why Wang had forgotten the Apple Air is anyone’s guess. After all it will do the same thing just as well as a notebook and has not killed off anything yet. Wang admits that making a big tablet is not exact innovative as it is just copying the Microsoft Surface.

But hell, Jobs Mob has not been about innovation for a long time – it is now about patent trolling and claiming it invented the rounded rectangle. But everyone knows that if Apple makes the Surface Pro it will be successful.


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