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Nvidia behind crop circle

by on06 January 2014

Not aliens after all

An intricate crop circle which appeared in a San Francisco farm which baffled UFO nuts was created by Nvidia to publicise the Tegra 5 chip announcement. UFO watchers were completely at a loss to explain why an alien civilisation would travel at faster than light speeds to stick a diagram of a Tegra 5 chip in a corn field. After all anyone who can manage faster than light speed is not going to be impressed by a Tegra 5.

Nvidia has confirmed it created the crop circle by adding the teaser image to its website. For those who came in late the Tegra is a “system on a chip” for mobile devices that combines a CPU, GPU, and memory controller and was known by the codename "Logan.” It is supposed to be faster and more energy-efficient than the Tegra 4 “Wayne” predecessor. But then again anything is faster than something called Wayne.

The crop circle appeared in the farming town of Chualar, California on the morning of Monday, December 30th. The owner was a ned by farmer named Scott Anthony who was out of town. On Tuesday, he ordered a crew to plough the crop circle to the anger of UFO nuts who flocked to see it. It is not sure if he was in on it, but if he wasn’t he will be giving Nvidia a bill for the damage now.

There is an amusing television news story here which was trying to explain the crop circle. Check it out after the break.

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