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Tegra K1 will come with Denver 64 bit

by on06 January 2014

Next to a A15 32bit version

Nvidia just revealed at their press conference at CES that the upcoming Tegra K1 will come to market in two versions. One varient of the upcoming Nvidia Tegra K1 will come with a dual-core Denver based core.  This varient will be a 64-bit part based on its custom project Denver 64 bit core.  The second varient will be the A15-based 32-bit version.  The 32-bit version is based around four A15 cores.

The Denver varient turns out to be aimed at the supercomputing market and will ship in second part of 2014/  It is expected that the A15 32-bit version should ship in ealry part of 2014. Nvidia has yet to talk about the product availability and timeframe but if we are luckily we should see them by late March 2014, if not earlier.

The 192 graphics cores should raise more that a few eyebrows in the industry, but the dual core 64-bit is a strange decision since the world plus dog including Nvidia were pushing for four plus cores for the current generation processors.  Nvidia is getting back to "paper launch" waters despite the fact that it has condoned this practice for the last few years  It is really exciting that Nvidia has a 64-bit part coming this year, but 2H 2014 is still quite far away.

Nvidia did showcased the first early silicon that was running plain Android and CPU Z that proved its a real 64 bit CPU. 

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