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Xbox One has disk drive malfunction

by on26 December 2013

Prefer wardrobe malfunctions

People are complaining that they opened their X-box Ones yesterday to find they would not work because of a “disk drive malfunction.”

The the system fails to read recognize any kind of disk, whether it is a disk-based game, DVD, or Blu-Ray. To make matters worse, users who complain are being offered a pre-owned “refurbished” model as a replacement. The terms allowing for a used or refurbished replacement are included on the warranty. It states “Unless restricted by law, repair may use new or refurbished parts and replacement may be with a new or refurbished unit.”

Best Buy, the customer service reps told one magazine that 10 per cent of the Xbox Ones are coming back to the store with the disk drive malfunction. If that’s the case, expect some very disappointed kids come Christmas morning.

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