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Only 365GB out of 500GB Xbox One?

by on16 December 2013

That equals only about 10 to 20 game installs

Rumors that the Xbox One hard drive was not fully usable have been circulating for some time, but only now have we learned that the rumors are in fact accurate. The 500GB hard drive that is installed in the Xbox One only has about 362GB/365GB free depending on how it is counted. (Now this might answer the actual reason why the Xbox One has no visible way to see how much storage is available from dashboard options!)

IGN has posted a 6 minute video that confirms that Microsoft is using and reserving a large part of the hard drive for things such as system software, native apps, system updates and other system related needs. This means that the buyer will become dependent of using the Microsoft announced support of external USB storage more quickly than first thought.

Taking away the fact that the amount of space on the internal hard drive is much less than thought, another problem is also lurking as well. Currently the Xbox One does not have support to use the announced external USB storage. We know that Microsoft has already said that support for USB 3.0 hard drives to be used as storage is coming, but so far Microsoft has not announced when this update to add support might arrive.

Depending on which games you have and what the install size is of those titles, you could end up being limited to somewhere around 10 to 20 games installed on your hard drive before you will have to start deleting things or praying that Microsoft’s update for adding USB 3.0 storage arrives. Also, note that we said USB 3.0 storage because from our understanding, the Xbox One will only support the use of USB 3.0 hard drives as secondary storage on the Xbox One because it needs the high speed bandwidth offered by USB 3.0 drives to give it the kind of performance that an internally connected SATA drive has.

While the problem is likely not hear for Xbox One owners just yet, it is for sure on the horizon and that is something that Microsoft apparently already knows. Still, many are going to be a bit unhappy with Microsoft’s lack of disclosure on exactly how much hard drive space is available on the Xbox One for end user use.

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