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4Chan has a laugh at Apple fanboys' expense

by on13 December 2013

Soft target

It is not difficult to confuse an Apple fanboy, after all they are famous for buying an overpriced smartphone every year, even though it is quite similar to the last one they bought. So the wags at 4Chan were probably onto a soft target when they thought they could convince fanboys to do something fairly dumb.


A rumour was started on the site that it was possible to unlock a secret bitcoin mining program in the Mac OS. This would give Mac users all the earthly delights of bitcoin with the knowledge that the software had been blessed by the true and holy Steve Jobs. In fact the rumour was that the function had been part of the Mac walled garden of delights since 2009.

Needless to say if you delete all the files that the post suggests your Mac will die. Not that many Mac faboys would know if their computer was bricked or not. It is not as if they use them for anything. On the plus side the hack does mean that Apple fanboys could be motived to buy a proper machine – however we are not holding our breath for common sense to prevail. 

The Daily Dot was able to find a few users who were dumb enough to try the 4Chan advise so, yes there are Apple fanboys who are as stupid as I claim. (Those despicable /b/tards, have they no shame? Ed. ;)


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