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Apple still reassuringly expensive

by on02 July 2008


Three times the cost of Dell

While the
out-of-the-box Apple gear might have gotten cheaper, it is starting to look like Jobs' Mob are making all their money by charging silly money for components.

List prices for Apple 'add-ons' are nearly three times the prices set by Dell for similar gear. A 3.5-inch hard upgrade on the MacBook from a 120GB 5,400rpm drive to a 250GB 5,400rpm drive costs more than £90 while the same upgrade with a Dell XPS M1330 costs just £30.01. Ram upgrades are also a joke. Increasing your RAM from 2GB of 667MHz DDR2 to 4GB costs £120. However the same gear on a Dell XPS M1330 costs just £40.01.

Dell's  Solid-state drive upgrades to a 64GB solid-state drive in an Dell XPS M1330 will cost just shy of £400, while a MacBook Air allows you to go to a 64GB SSD for an extra £639.

The only thing that is comparable are CPU upgrades. Moving from a 2.1GHz (T8100) to a 2.4GHz (T8300) CPU in a Dell will cost you £29.99. We reckon the Apple equivalent costs £30.01.

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