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Wii don't have a problem, but MS and Sony do

by on21 May 2007

360,000 in the US last month,
7 million in total

It seems
that Nintendo's console heritage, its boldness and the wiill to try something completely different is paying of, big time. According to the latest NPD Group data, Nintendo's tiny Wii is making the competitions life truly miserable.

How miserable? Well, it looks something like this: On the US market Sony managed to sell just 82,000 Playstation 3 consoles last month. That's a 37% drop compared to March. Redmond's XboX360 sold 174k, a slight drop, down from 199k.

Summer is coming, and these drops are expected, but someone forgot to tell Nintendo about them, as in the same periond their Wii sales jumped by 39% to an impressive 360,000. And when you sell 360 thousand devices which actually force people to get up and move in America, that's a big freakin' deal.

Furthermore, says the Wii already broke the 7 million mark. At the moment Nintendo's sales are apparently limited only by their supply troubles.

Looks like Fudzilla's Guy-With-A-MustacheTM, or Brko as some might call him, was right all along.

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