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Battlefield 4 patch for Xbox One delayed

by on12 December 2013

Will combine 2 updates into 1 as a result

Battlefield 4 players on Xbox One are a victim of the good news/bad news thing with the latest patch news from DICE. DICE has originally announced that they would have a new patch ready to deploy on the Xbox One last week, but as things worked out that patch is being held to combine it with another patch already in development, so the next patch will actually be the two combined patch efforts into one.

The combined patch is apparently already in testing and certification and it will get released as soon as it passes. The latest timetable indicates that the patch should be ready to be deployed late this week or early next if testing does not cause it to slip.

The big news about this latest combined patch for the Xbox One platform is that it will include a fix for the one-hit kill bug as well as the Commander EMP blur effect. Beyond those to big issues being dealt with, the patch will have DICE’s renewed focus on making the game more stable and it will incorporate additional fixes based on feedback as well.

While news is good that DICE has this large patch in the pipeline for the Xbox One version, players can’t be happy that a major patch update was already released for the PlayStation 4 yesterday. It is unknown as to why the latest Xbox One patch lagged behind the release for the PlayStation 4, but all conspiracy theories aside, we happen to think that it was just the way it worked out and nothing more.

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