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Battlefield spin-off rumored in development

by on09 December 2013

Said to be on track for a likely 2014 release

Over the past several weeks, something we have been hearing about for a long time seems to be rising from the “no comments” we have been hearing. Rumors of a new Battlefield spin-off title have been rumored for a while now, but only after Wedbush analyst Michael Patcher talked about it in his December 5th Wedbush Securities Update, has it begun again to finally get some traction.

Based on a number of rumors that we have heard, coupled with the info from Patcher, it does seem likely that since we know that we are not going to see a Medal of Honor title in 2014, that something else is brewing till Battlefield 5 arrives in 2015. (EA’s original plan was to see Battlefield and Medal of Honor to alternate release years.)

From what we have been able to ferret out from the rumors, a new Battlefield spin-off title is in development. So far EA and DICE have been quiet and have had no comment on the possible existence of such a title. While rumors of a Battlefield 2143 and Battlefield Bad Company sequel have made the rounds several times, DICE has put an end to those rumors quickly, but have hinted that they would like to revisit both.

So while we don’t know what kind of Battlefield game it would be breaking off from the main franchise, we have a bit of better luck knowing where the primary development might be taking place. Originally it was rumored that remaining team at Criterion Games, who are thought to be working under the banner Criterion Zero could be working on such a project, but now it would seem that Patcher thinks it could be none other than Visceral that is doing the work on it instead and that would seem to fit better as to what might be happening if this is the direction that EA is heading.

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