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iOS 7 now dominating iPhones

by on05 December 2013

Powering 74% of all iPhones in North America

It took three months, but Apple is now pleased to be reporting that iOS 7 is powering 74% of the iPhones in use in North America. The latest figures have to come as a relief to Apple that saw the initial reception of the OS a bit cold.


While the adoption rate was good during the first week, based on initial feedback from other users that had already upgraded, some people did wait, but now with the OS already on version 7.04 it seems that users have adopted the new OS. By way of comparison Apple says that it took six months for iOS 6 to reach 83% of iOS devices and iOS 7 is way ahead of that.

While iPhone users seem quicker to upgrade, the same cannot be said for iPad owners. Ipad Owners are still have been much slower to upgrade. This is also due in part to the first generation iPad which is still hold 9% of the iPad owners back because those devices cannot be upgraded past iOS 5 which was the last version offered for the older devices.

When compared to Android, Apple is better able to push OS upgrades out and get the word out to users to upgrade. One quarter of Android devise are running a versions of Android that is at least two years old which is in stark contrast to Appleā€™s new OS deployment numbers.

Last modified on 05 December 2013
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