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PS4 Battlefield 4 patch on hold

by on04 December 2013

Needs additional testing before release

DICE has confirmed that the Battlefield 4 patch that was supposed to hit the PS4 yesterday is on hold for the time being. The reasons for the delay are actually quite simple; the patch needs additional testing on the PlayStation 4 platform before it is released.

The BF4 patch for the PS4 was something that players on that platform have been waiting for in hopes that it would resolve a number of instability issues and persistent bugs that have been a serious issue for the PS4 version of the game.

While DICE has publically admitted that they are facing a rather large laundry list of bugs that need fixing on all of the platforms, they continue to work hard on addressing the issues and resolving the problems. The reality is that in the big scope of things, the delay is best for PS4 players if it is going to help DICE get things right with the PS4 patch to improve stability and address issues with the game.

The release of Battlefield 4 has been a bit rocky for DICE and EA to say the least. Still despite the unhappiness of players isn’t something that they are happy about. At this point however, all that can be done is to work to resolve the bugs as quickly as possible, but it is necessary to get the patches right as a patch that makes things worse is of use to no one. Players need to be patient and just know that DICE is working to address the problem, but it would seem that DICE is a victim of the same sorts of issues that have plagued other major releases as of late and only additional testing prior to release can solve the problem, but with deadlines so tight, it would seem that this isn’t in the cards just yet.

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