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Microsoft to merge Windows operating systems

by on25 November 2013


Apple has two operating systems for mobile and desktop gear, Google has one and a half, Android and Chrome, which has yet to take off. However, Redmond has three consumer operating systems, one for phones, one for ARM tablets and Windows 8.x for everything else. This may be about to change, but not anytime soon.

Speaking at the UBS Global Technology Summit, Microsoft exec Julie Larson-Green said the company will eventually unite all three versions under a single brand, reports Ubergizmo.

“We’re not going to have three. We do think there’s a world where there is a more mobile operating system that doesn’t have the risks to battery life, or the risks to security,” she said.

This is hardly a big announcement since it was already clear Microsoft would have to consolidate its OS offerings sooner or later. It might take generation or two, so don’t hold your breath. We will still have three different versions of Windows for years to come, even if Microsoft chooses to slap a single brand on all three of them.

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