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Xbox One sells 1 million in first 24 hours

by on25 November 2013

Said to be planning second model for early 2014

Well the Xbox One is off and running. Microsoft has been able to equal more than one million sold in the first 24 hours of release, which is the same as Sony’s PlayStation 4. The difference is however that the Xbox One was available in 13 countries on launch day, where the PlayStation 4 was only released in North America. We are not exactly sure how that should be spun as a victory to which side.

In the end the higher price and bungled launch messages didn’t seem to make that much of a difference as Microsoft was able to better the Xbox 360 initial launch numbers, so the company does have to consider the launch successful, despite reviews that clearly indicate that work remains to be done to get things where they need to be on the software side of the unit. As reviews have noted, many features and some functionality still remains to be implemented, but Microsoft does apparently have an aggressive plan to continue to update the software and functionality of the Xbox One.

As for what’s next for the Xbox One, once again we are hear talk that Microsoft has already placed orders for a new model or perhaps it might be called a different bundling of the Xbox One with its manufacturing partners that would begin shipments in early 2014. The new version of the Xbox One might be simply be packed without the Kinect at a lower price, but here has been no confirmation, official or otherwise that this is the case.

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