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Xbox One having Blu-ray drive issues?

by on25 November 2013

No idea how wide spread the problem is yet

A number of reports that we have seen indicate that at least a number of Xbox One buyers have been plagued with the included Blu-ray drive not reading discs. After the launch of the console a midnight, videos started appear on the Internet showing the driving making what can only be described as a “clicking noise” following by the disc failing to read.

While it is not clear how wide spread the problem is or how many of the over one million consoles that have be sold are experiencing the issue, should it end up being anything more than some isolated users, it might not be pretty for Microsoft who had to endure the red-ring-of-death disaster during the Xbox 360 launch.

Microsoft issued a statement indicating that they are working directly with Xbox One Customers to get replacement consoles into the hands of these customers using the company’s advanced replacement program. Microsoft offers a number of options for customers to reach out to them if they have an issue with their Xbox One.

Sony has now acknowledged formally, that they have had some issues of its own with the PlayStation 4. While Sony claims that less than 1 per cent of its PS4 consoles experienced problems, the end result has left many buyers unhappy to say the least.

As for those that are having to use Microsoft’s advanced replacement program, we will have to wait till we get a report on how fast this actually works.

Check out the YouTube videos of the drive issue on the Xbox One here.


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