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id Software loses Carmack to Oculus

by on25 November 2013

Probably for the best says Carmack

It is finally official, John Carmack has left id Software. Carmack co-founded id Software way back in 1991 and has become a legend graphics technology and gaming software development in general. The departure actually comes as little surprise because once Carmack was announced as the chief technology officer for Oculus back in August.

In a statement from id Software given to Eurogamer, studio director Tim Willits says that Carmack’s work on the id Tech 5 engine is completed and his departure will not affect any current projects. He also adds that Carmack had become interested in focusing on things other than game development and they wish him well.

Bethesda was adamant even after it was announced that Carmack was joining Oculus that he would continue to be a part of id Software going forward. Carmack tweeted that it was “Probably for the best, as the divided focus was challenging.” Still the news that Carmack has resigned from id Software will forever change the future of that studio going forward and that can’t be something that Bethesda is happy about.

With Carmack’s full focus on Oculus Rift the future has to be quite bright for the company going forward. We can think of few better people to have involved in a project of this magnitude than John Carmack.

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