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Is Apple testing a large display iPhone?

by on22 November 2013

Rumors suggest they have field trials going on

Rumors of a large screen iPhone 6 that is be tested in field trials is making the rounds. According to the rumors, the test iPhone 6 offers a larger 4.9 inch screen. Many analysts seem to believe that Apple will need to introduce a large screen model to help it better compete against its rivals.

The larger screen will present a number of challenges for Apple beyond just the battery life issues that plague the majority of larger screen smartphones. Apple will also have to look going thinner once again and stripping more weight off of the next model. These are two more tasks that are going to present some issues to say the least.

It is unknown how soon Apple might want to launch these phones considering the iPhone 5S/SC just came out. Still it is good that Apple is getting prepare to take the fight to its competitors if the rumors prove to be accurate.

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