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PS4 hardware failures already?

by on15 November 2013

Sony says they are isolated incidents

Sony is apparently investigating a small reported number of PlayStation 4 failures which was confirmed by Shuhei Yoshida who is the head of Sony Worldwide Studios. Yoshida believes the number of failures is isolated.

A number of folks who have somehow managed to get their mitts on a PS4 early have been having some issues. These issues all seem to have to do with the hardware including the HDMI output on the console. Both IGN and Kotaku noted issues with the HDMI output on their systems as well.

Sony says that they are looking into it and the number of reported failures is small when compared to the number of units shipped, but we likely will not have a true read on the impact till later today once the players in the US get their hands on the consoles.

For Sony’s sake we hope these are just isolated incidents and not the coming of something much bigger.

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