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Facebook comments might be bots

by on14 November 2013

Your friends could be automated

A new app has appeared which allows people to outsource their personal comments to a bot, at least if you believe the mainstream press. The press was all a flutter this morning claiming that all you need to do is use a website called What Would I Say?, log into Facebook, and hit "Generate Status."

It will come up with a computer-generated status update based on past updates from your own timeline. The site uses a Markov Bot based on mixture model of bigram and unigram probabilities derived from your past post history. What this means it that you no longer have to dream up clever and witty things to say on current events and daily.

I checked it out this morning and it suggested; “Books are lucky to upholding good news,” “Have shaved my King,” “Missing my bowels shall sound like a student asked his stuff.”

Does not look like the technology is there yet, and it also looks like the mainstream press did not check the site before they ran their story. I could not write sentences like that even if was on crack. (But you could be the mayor of Toronto if you were on crack. Ed)

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