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First system update for the PS4 is released

by on14 November 2013

Companion app released for iOS and Android

The first system update for the PlayStation 4 is already released. Version 1.50 of the system software will add or enable a number of promised features. PS4 owners will be able to update the system software via the Internet, using the update file on a game disc, or download the update to a USB flash drive and then copy the update to the system.

Included in the update is:

Remote Play
Second Screen Support
Game play capture and share support
Broadcast/spectate gameplay support
Play as you download
Multi-login support for up to 4 users
Face recognition & voice command support
Background music player support
Online Multiplayer support
Blu-ray & DVD playback support

Beyond all of the 1.50 System Software features and additions, Sony has also release an iOS and Android application for free. The app does a number of things like see what your friends are playing as well as compare trophies/games played.

With the app you will also be able to chat with your friends and receive both game alerts and invites. If that isn’t enough you can Browse the PlayStation 4 store. You can also use the app to take advantage of the second screen support that is offered in the 1.50 system software.

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