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Apple and Samsung returning to court

by on12 November 2013

How much will Samsung have to pay

Apple and Samsung are returning to court today to find out how much Samsung will have to pay. In August 2012, a jury found Samsung guilty of infringing six Apple patents and awarded Apple $1bn.

However in March 2013, Judge Lucy Koh re-examined the $1bn awarded to Apple and reduced the amount saying the damages would need to be assessed at a new trial. Koh thought original jury in the court in California had incorrectly calculated part of the damages.

The judge said that $550m of the award had been worked out in the proper manner but she ordered that the remaining $450m be reassessed. The Tame Apple Press is hoping the figure could be even higher and that Samsung will have to stop competing against their favourite toymaker.

Apple had originally sought $2.5bn in damages from Samsung because it had, amongst other things, had dared to use the rounded rectangle which Steve Jobs invented.

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