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Google is killing our business complains Demand Media

by on08 November 2013

Changes in the algorithm damaged us

Demand Media has complained that Google is killing its business by making changes in its search engine algorithm.

Demand owns the websites eHow, LiveStrong and Cracked, mainly makes its money from articles and videos that surface high in search results. Its other line of business maintains top-level generic web domain names like ".actor" and ".social."

It appears that Demand’s business model is that it is too dependent on Google. Over the past couple of years, Google has made several changes to its search algorithm specifically to weed out what it considers low-quality content. Articles written by Demand were pushed down in search results, which in turn lowered its advertising revenue.

For the third quarter, Demand reported a 2 percent drop in total revenue to $96.3 million because of weakness at its media properties.

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